What Are The Attributes Of The Best Food Processor?

food processor

Food Processor Functionality

The food processor is a kitchen appliance, similar to a blender, except that it uses a replaceable blade and uses a larger and shorter bowl.

There are more optional blades to handle solid semi-solid foods and vegetables that can be processed into a variety of desired shapes, usually in the form of flakes, strips, blocks, gels, doughs, and the like.

And the agitator is that it does not require a certain amount of water or other liquid during operation, and does not require or require a little water or other liquid, you can get more information’s by Food Processors Reviews sites.

Uses: Can be used to treat a variety of vegetables, such as slicing, shredding, dicing, cutting, etc.; can also be used to grind some nuts, meat, dried fruit; can also be used to grind cheese or vegetables; For kneading and so on.

History Of The Food Processor

The idea of ​​using machines to process food was conceived by Pierre Verdan, a salesman at a French kitchen appliance company, when he noticed from his clients that the staff in the kitchen spent a lot of time cutting vegetables, cutting meat, and chopping.

In the work of dishes, meat, etc., he came up with a very simple but very efficient method, which is to install a blade that can be rotated continuously on a workbench, and put a bowl underneath to take the processed.

The prototype of the device evolved into Robot Coupe in 1960, a company that produces kitchen utensils created the first true food processor, and then the food processor was driven by cultural induction motors until 1972.