What Are Nice Cars?

Advantages Of Nice Cars

Japanese cars biggest advantage is fuel economy because the engine is very good and the body is also very good power light vehicle electronic systems is a leading global soft shell drawback is easily deformed

Safety concerns at least I think that the Japanese manufacturer of car safety has not done just good Chinese manufacturing quality, but off nothing more

American cars powered car class appearance is generally very arrogant and very rugged in terms of engine durability or shell rigidity are good shortcomings are obvious fuel American cars are generally too high-powered high fuel consumption

German car I think is the most law-abiding, no matter where in single than in Germany can not get the first car is no particular advantage but German cars are no obvious shortcomings, whether dynamic contrast for Japanese cars and American cars are not absolute advantage but fuel consumption is a lot less than American cars Japanese cars more rigidity and the car much harder than Japanese cars American cars almost Durability is perhaps the best (nonsense more and more embarrassing discovery) is a German car short of the overall most people director good car

French car and not much worse than the German car but much cheaper price, whether car or vehicle fuel cheaper than Germany and durability but generally not as Germany opened 10 years 8 years lacks the problem (in France running on the road for more than 15 years some vehicles) Moreover, because France’s Renault and Japan’s Nissan are cousins in France, the number of the vehicle body can see the shadow of one o’clock Japanese cars

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Select customization

Mercedes – Benz selected custom, in a professional car repairer and experience, for the different models configured the best option. Mercedes-Benz proud of the technology and technology to meet the growing diversity of consumer demand and the pursuit.

Mercedes Benz, the Nice cars

Mercedes-Benz is designed to create the most user-friendly car and car purchase experience, in the vehicle configuration platform can be customized according to your preferences with the car’s interior, appearance and accessories, and through 360 ° all-round look at the car, to bring you more intuitive feel.

Alfa Romeo,the Nice cars

Alfa Romeo, the well-known sports car brand in Italy, is famous for its elegant styling and excellent performance. However, Chinese consumers probably only hear the name of Alfa Romeo, the natural reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet’s love story, which gives birth to a trace of goodwill, but never had the opportunity to really see its style, more difficult to buy it. Because the Alfa Romeo brand has not been formally introduced into China. Now, its arrival finally has a point in time.

March 11, the reporter learned from the exact sources, the current Chrysler (China) Co., Ltd. Zheng Jie, president of car sales in the company’s recent internal meeting, said Alfa Romeo is now part of Fiat’s 100-year sports car brand , Will be introduced in China in 2018, when the sales will be imported.

This point in time from now there are 3 years, so look forward to Alfa Romeo’s domestic consumers need to wait patiently. But to be sure, this time, Alfa Romeo will no longer be the same as the previous “bounced” the.

Previously on the Alfa Romeo industry about to come to China’s news come and go, but never come true. All rumors are from the 2011 Guangzhou Auto Show began. At that time, Guangzhou Automobile Fiat in their own booth to display the Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta, MiTo, 4C concept car that several cars.

The industry have speculated that this is Alfa Romeo is about to enter the prelude to China. But then the speculation was officially denied Guangzhou Automobile Fiat. But this does not eliminate the rumors continue to exist. In fact, if careful analysis of the past few years, the development of Fiat in China is not difficult to judge the situation, Alfa Romeo to China is not easy.

Prior to the Guangzhou Automobile Fiat official denial of Alfa Romeo rumors into China, said, “need to consider the changes in the Chinese market, combined with market demand, careful decision.” Now the Fiat Fiat joint venture has been established for several years, the performance of the Chinese market is tepid, almost just rely on a car in the Philippines Xiang hard, just last year, more than 60,000 vehicles in annual sales. Which undoubtedly makes Alfa Romeo want to rely on the Guangzhou Automobile Fiat platform to enter China’s hope becomes slim.

On the other hand, in order to promote Chrysler’s JEEP brand to achieve production in China, Fiat – Chrysler Alliance for the past two years did not spend less energy to play each other until the end of last year to finalize the establishment of Guangzhou Automobile Fiat Chrysler joint venture, the company expects 10 Month in order to formally put into operation. In this way, Alfa Romeo into China matters can only “stand aside.”

In fact, under the banner of the Fiat Group, as well as Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia these brands, now in the Chinese market can not see the difference between Alfa Romeo and Lancia.

The currentChryslerChinese president Zheng Jie, another job is the Lancia brand Asia-Pacific region responsible person. The mention by her 2018 Alfa Romeo will be introduced into the country, but also should be through the early stage of communication with the Fiat did not do the position.

It is envisaged that, by 2018, JEEP domestic brands will enter a mature period, Fiat Chrysler Group will have the time and effort to fully handle the Alfa Romeo into China.

The most convincing argument is that in 2018 or Fiat Chrysler last year to develop a new five-year plan ending period. The plan has already mentioned the introduction of Alfa Romeo brand in the future, but does not directly indicate the point in time.

The plan said: 2018 Fiat Chrysler Group in the next five years will total investment of 50 billion euros, pushing the global target of 7 million; and the Asia-Pacific region through the introduction of competitive products, 5-year compound annual growth rate of 35 %; The goal in China is to achieve 38% compound annual growth through domestic and introduction of Alfa Romeo brand.

Prior to the Alfa Romeo into China many rumors, some analysts believe that Alfa Romeo will be further into the domestic. But it now appears that by 2018 the brand can only be imported car sales. “Will not be incorporated into the Guangzhou Automobile Fiat Chrysler joint venture, but a separate way to import sales.” The source told the Economic Observer reporter.

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