The Sparkling Treasures Of Gemstones


What Is A Gem?

Gorgeous green emerald

It is a particularly beautiful and precious gemstone. Gemstones are exceptionally rare or precious minerals that are particularly appreciated for their beauty and durability. Most gems are crystals (like diamond) or aggregates (like malachite) of a mineral. But there are also organic gems (like amber) and even synthetic formations. What we call gems is not primarily bound to a given chemical structure.

What Makes A Gem?

The most important requirement for a gemstone is probably its beauty, which may be due to color, gloss, transparency or refraction. But also hardness and rarity play a role in the classification as gemstone. Facetted and cut gemstones are mostly used as gemstones. The most important gemstones include diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, spinel, aquamarine, opal, topaz, tourmaline and tanzanite. The doctrine of the gemstones is called gemology or gemology.

How To Collect Gems

Collecting gemstones is a fascinating hobby. In the offer of mineralium you find predominantly gemstone minerals in the natural state, i. unprocessed and unpolished as a gem crystal or gemstone stage for collection purposes.