How To Care Of Acne On Chin?

acne on chin

Acne On Chin – How You Get Rid Of Them?

Some girls and women only occasionally suffer from Acne on chin – in others, the pimples have permanently stuck in this facial region.

Pimples on the chin and in the mouth, which do not stop to sprout, can have several causes.

  • Can worsen the complexion:
  • Wrong care products
  • Supporting the chin in the hands
  • Improper expression of pimples
  • Hormones

Especially blemishes on the chin are very often triggered by hormonal fluctuations and here immediate damage control is announced.

We have put together the best care tips for impure skin and hormone pimples on the chin.

Pimples on the chin – what are the causes?

Pimples on the chin arise when sebaceous glands produce too much fat (sebum).

When dead skin cells clog pores, the sebum cannot drain properly and build up in the pore.

In combination with dirt and sweat is then the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and the emergence of pimples laid.

Hormone pimples are triggered by the male hormone “testosterone”. It stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more skin fats.

External causes are also suspected to promote the development of pimples and acne. These include, for example:

  • The use of the wrong cosmetics
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Sugar-rich foods

Also, stress as an influencing factor for the development of pimples should not be underestimated.

Acne on the chin – the typical period pimple sits in the chin region

Hormonal fluctuations in the monthly cycle can also be the cause of skin blemishes during the period.

Here, too, the sebaceous glands in the face are stimulated by shifts in the hormone balance to an increased production of fat and sebum.

Particularly affected is the so-called T-zone, an area in which especially many sebaceous glands are located.

Suddenly there are hormonal pimples on the chin, on the forehead or on the nose.

Unfortunately, many women have the experience that it is precisely the facial area in the chin region as well as in the jaw area that is susceptible to the blooming of hormone prickles before and during the period.

Targeted care of these periodic pimples can prevent the formation of pimples and prevent the spread of impurities to other facial regions.

Quickly get rid of pimples on the chin – these ingredients help

As emergency aid, anti-pimple products with tea tree oil or Manuka oil are used for acne attacks or for persistent pimples on the chin.

Zinc is antiseptic, heals pimples and prevents new ones.

If your chin is full of pimples, special applicators make it possible to apply anti-pimple care with pinpoint accuracy.

Especially if your blemishes are limited to pimples only on the chin, the targeted application is a great advantage.

So you avoid unnecessary drying out of the unaffected areas of the skin and you get rid of pimples quickly.