Straight Iron Qualities And Its Functions

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How To Describe The Straight Iron Functions

Thanks to its titanium plates, this straightening iron heats up curls faster than any other. However, you do not need to worry about overheating the device because the temperature is set by the user.

This is possible thanks to a unique combination of a digital display and a rotary knob. The wide temperature range of 160-230 degrees guarantees that you will find the most comfortable temperature for you.

Since the plates not only heat up quickly but are also spring-loaded, they evenly distribute the pressure. This prevents hair breakage.

The Ionic Technology

The Ionic Technology integrated into the straightener for curls keeps hair moist and silky, even if you choose the highest, fifth temperature level.

Thanks to the 2.5 meters long cable, you are free in the choice of the workplace. The cable joint prevents cable tangles and accidental tripping.

A secure protection against accident also guarantees the placement of all controls on the inside. In addition, the heat protection cap, which you can push on straightening iron immediately after use, is used to immediately remove the straightening iron.

The smoothing plates of this straightener for curls are made of keratin and tourmaline.

What Are Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Keratin releases and strengthens natural ions in your hair. The Tourmaline ensures a particularly smooth glide from the flat iron. In addition, these minerals prevent the formation of the so-called frizz effect.

This effect is caused by the fact that the hair cannot store enough moisture. As a result, they are shaggy and form Krause strands that make the right style impossible.

The device reaches the operating temperature very quickly. Still, you can control the temperature and choose one of the five temperature levels.

Thanks to the extra smooth surface, smoothing even with dense and frizzy hair is easy. But the reverse operation works without problems. Despite all this power, the straightener consumes only 38 watts – cost-effective!

Using the straightener for curls is easy: just connect it to the mains. The device heats up in no time and can smooth your hair as well as the wrap in curls.

The latter is then extremely comfortable for the very long plates and the curls last 4-6 days even without fixation. But even smoothing works fine with the straightener for curls.

The plates drive as smoothly through your hair and leave smooth, silky-feeling strands.

This is achieved not least thanks to the 5-stage temperature control, which prevents the overheating of hair and allows the adjustment of the temperature to your personal needs.