How does a vacuum cleaner work?

vacuum cleaner

What is the vacuum cleaner functionality?

Usually the editors of Kobold Erlebniswelt are dealing with difficult challenges at home.

Today we ask ourselves a very simple question:

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The heart of this vacuum cleaner says, “round the round thing back and forth, meaning centrifugal engine, small and weighing only 500 grams But that super powerful!

The engine of the Best Buy Vacuum Cleaners is driving a blower, a kind of impeller looks like a song, this blower can turn at incredible speed, thousands of times per minute, creating super-fast return air, so air is being absorbed and all dust and dirt with it.

There’s a mouthpiece on the front of the vacuum cleaners. “It’s getting closer to the air as far as possible, for example on carpets, working on the development of electric vacuum cleaners. He has been working for a large company in Wuppertal for many years.

The vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise. This is mainly due to the blower and because it returns very quickly.

Since we only got a few crumbs. The cracks are really nice when you are really absorbed. The crooks are thrown against the suction pipe, revealing the expert.

The suction pipe leads to the dust bag from the nozzle, the bags are all the sod and the balls. Previously, the bags were still made of paper, made of a special fabric today, and made up of a few cats. The dirt remains inside.

As the dirt stays in the bag, the air continues to spray from the vacuum cleaner.

The tank is drawn by the blower, so it is protected and non-fouling, with a filter in front of it. The sample is still picking up super small particles in the air.

Filters should ensure that the air is removed as cleanly as possible from the electric vacuum. This is especially important for people with allergies.

What Are The Attributes Of The Best Food Processor?

food processor

Food Processor Functionality

The food processor is a kitchen appliance, similar to a blender, except that it uses a replaceable blade and uses a larger and shorter bowl.

There are more optional blades to handle solid semi-solid foods and vegetables that can be processed into a variety of desired shapes, usually in the form of flakes, strips, blocks, gels, doughs, and the like.

And the agitator is that it does not require a certain amount of water or other liquid during operation, and does not require or require a little water or other liquid, you can get more information’s by Food Processors Reviews sites.

Uses: Can be used to treat a variety of vegetables, such as slicing, shredding, dicing, cutting, etc.; can also be used to grind some nuts, meat, dried fruit; can also be used to grind cheese or vegetables; For kneading and so on.

History Of The Food Processor

The idea of ​​using machines to process food was conceived by Pierre Verdan, a salesman at a French kitchen appliance company, when he noticed from his clients that the staff in the kitchen spent a lot of time cutting vegetables, cutting meat, and chopping.

In the work of dishes, meat, etc., he came up with a very simple but very efficient method, which is to install a blade that can be rotated continuously on a workbench, and put a bowl underneath to take the processed.

The prototype of the device evolved into Robot Coupe in 1960, a company that produces kitchen utensils created the first true food processor, and then the food processor was driven by cultural induction motors until 1972.

How Do I Calculate The Quantity For Feeding My Dog?

dog feeding plan

How Much To Feed The Dog?

General calculation of the BARF daily amount for a dog

Puppies and young German Long haired Pointer dogs

4-6% of body weight = daily amount (depending on the activity of the puppy)

Puppy 2 – 6 months old – 5-6% of body weight

Young dog 7 -9 months old – 4-5% of body weight

Young dog 10 – 13 months old – 3-4% of body weight

(In small breeds maybe a little less)

Calcium is very important

Requirement in the growth: about 100mg calcium / kg body weight for bone formation

Up to about 200mg calcium / kg body weight in the teeth change

Calcium intake can be achieved either by feeding chicken necks or similar. Be covered, or one feeds such as eggshell powder or similar. (See bones & cartilage for exact calculation)

From the end of the tooth change up to the age of about 1 year, the amount for the adult dog is then fed. For very large dogs, whose growth phase is longer, the amount for the adult dog is to be fed accordingly later.

Feed amount per day for adult dogs:

2% of body weight – dog must lose weight or keep his weight

2.5% of body weight – at ideal weight

3 -4% of body weight – very active or needs to increase

Calcium requirement: 50 – 80mg calcium per kg body weight per day (calculation see here)

This calculation is just a guideline. Always pay attention to the weight, age and activity of the dog.

If one notices that the dog has too little on the ribs, one feeds something more and vice versa, if the dog has too much weight, one feeds a little less and so on. Underweight is also recommended to increase the fat portion of the meal or boiled carbohydrates to feed.

The advantage of the BARF is that feeding can be individually adapted to each dog.

Daily feed amount = 100%

Of which are from 70 to 80% Animal

I.e. 100% meat again divided into = 60% lean meat – 20% rumen / omasum – 10% offal – 10% RFK

If no bones are fed, the muscle meat percentage increases.

And 20-30% vegetable

So 100% vegetable portion divided into 80% vegetables and 20% fruit possibly also cereals or carbohydrates (40% max)

The dog needs about 0.3g of oil per kg of body weight daily to meet its essential fatty acid requirement. (1 teaspoon are approx. 3-4g and a 1 tbsp. approx. 10-12g oil)

This would be summarized, for example, at a ratio of 70% to 30% for a 20kg dog at 2.5% of body weight;

195 g muscle meat

+ 70g rumen / leafy stomach

+ 35g offal

+ RFK according to calcium requirement (guideline value 10%)

+ 120g vegetables

+ 30g of fruit

= 500g daily feed + 6g oil

The daily amount can you then e.g. with two meals a day simply divide by two.

Tip for Beginners:

The best way to calculate the need for a week and distributed accordingly to the components of the week and the respective meals and thus creates a feed plan. Because you do not have to feed innards and bones every day, it’s enough if there are 2- 3 times a week. The same goes for rumen, you can easily install 1-2 rumen days.

Here You Can Look At An Example Of Feeding Plan.

Finally, the food is supplemented with various dietary supplements as needed. Because without these dietary supplements it is not possible to meet the need for minerals, trace elements and vitamins of a dog.

An Introduction About Reverse Proxy Functionality

reverse proxy functionality

Reverse Proxy Functionality

It is an important element of application infrastructures, providing an additional layer of security for protecting application servers.

Reverse proxies are used to deploy applications outside the protected internal network zones, and they retrieve the requested information from the server as a proxy for access from these unprotected areas.

Load Balancers and Application Delivery Controllers are typically used to increase the availability of server applications. Due to their core functions, they are by definition always reverse proxy servers, and are therefore often used for both roles – load balancing and reverse proxy.

In most cases, Internet clients are with the reverse proxy server, which “hides” the actual application servers, such significant reducing potential attack scenarios on the application.

It becomes clear that a reverse proxy site server plays a key role in the data exchange between client and server – if it fails, access to the large number of published services and applications is no later possible. High Availability” (HA) mode.

SSL acceleration streamlines application delivery by shifting performance-hungry SSL processing (handshaking, key exchange, session setup, decryption, and encryption) from the application server to the reserve proxy / load balancer.

They are specialized in this, and at the same time more powerful than the application server – which in turn has more resources available for their actual tasks.

This provides optimized performance for many applications such as CRM, messaging systems such as Exchange, Unified Communication, Extranet, Industrial applications, etc.

Fast data delivery is achieved while increasing security levels – helping to prevent potential attack scenarios. SSL acceleration can also be supported with special hardware (ASICs) or specialized software.

Content caching is also an important feature of reverse practice or load balancers that increase application performance: static elements of the application, such as time-consuming login pages, are cached, which reduces the number of accesses to the application servers in the backend.

Reduce the load on the application servers, which in turn can respond to new requests faster and with shorter response times.

What Is Visual Impairment?

visual impairment

Definition Of Visual Impairment / Blindness

The first possible is between correct corrective and non-correctable visual impairments. The correctable farsightedness, myopia – can be largely repaired with glasses or contact lenses.

Non-correctable visual damage is usually congenital or caused by an accident and affects disorders in the optic nerve, the present invention is a visually impaired student.

And the visually impaired people still wear glasses, suggesting a combination of correctable and non-correctable visual impairments. Despite his or her glasses, can only achieve visual acuity values ​​such as described below.

As visually impaired applies, who is not achieved despite normal correction and its visual acuity in the distance and / or near to 1/3 (30%) to 1/20 (5%) is reduced to the standard (100%).

This means that a visually impaired person with 1/20 eyesight can detect what a normal sight sees from a distance of 20 feet from a distance of 20 feet.

Those with a high degree of vision impairment are those who have a reduction from 1/20 (5%) to 1/50 (2%) of the standard (100%). These values ​​cannot be improved with glasses or contact Lens.

Blindness is when the eyesight is so greatly reduced that the affected cannot behave like sighted even after optical correction. Students who have to expect blindness are to be treated in in terms of special educational needs.

Every person with visual impairment has a different severity of visual impairment.

It is very important, especially in the school sector, to examine the individual viewing behavior of the individual student under everyday conditions – lighting conditions in the classroom, distances from the board, etc.

For example, a significant difference can be observed between near vision and long range vision.

The visual performance is influenced by the physical and mental state of the individual, by the time of day, by brightness, contrast, color and much more

What the visually impaired can see depends not only on medically measurable values; Factors such as education, experience, intelligence, and motivation can affect vision.

Due to these factors, the visually impaired person can more or less compensate for Hyperopia Definition Or Longsightedness or visual impairment.

In order to be able to determine all these values ​​and prerequisites, in the case of visually impaired pupils – in addition to the important medical test at the ophthalmologist –

A test is carried out on the functional vision of the pupil at school or at the visually impaired pedagogue determines the sight, as it is used individually in everyday life, through observations and with various eye tests.

How To Analyze The Best Portable Air Compressor?

air compressor

How does an air compressor work?

There are several types of air compressors. The screw compressor is the most widely used type in the industry, as it can squeeze large volumes of air. Compressed air is used, for example, in compressed air drills, for example, when asphalt breaks up during the course work.

There are several types of air compressors.

Best Portable Air Compressors screw compressor which are most widely used type in the industry, as it can squeeze large volumes of air. Compressed air is used, for example, in compressed air drills, for example, when asphalt breaks up during road work.

The air is cleaned from dust and dirt

Air from ambient is sucked in through an air filter. At the same time, a valve controls the amount of air sucked into the compressor.

Compressed air gets hot

The air is led through two helical cylinders running parallel. Towards the end of the screws the cavity is smaller than at the inlet. The air is compressed and heat develops.

Oil cools the air

A while of screws spin around they bathe in oil. The oil lubricates the screws while the heat from the compression is absorbed and the air is prevented from brushing out the back door through the screws. A mixture of oil and compressed air is passed through a pipe.

Filter cleans the oil

The compressed air is led into a container where the oil is placed on the bottom. The air is cleaned in a filter at the top of the last oil before leaving the machine.

The oil is cooled off and used again

Via a valve at the bottom, the oil is led through a pipe where it is cooled before reuse it in the screws.

10 Great Things About Restaurant Menu

restaurant menu

The menu should be original

The ideal menu offers a balance of unique dishes and old favorites. Consider the basic burger. You can offer it in classic form – simply or with American cheese. And you can also offer a unique version that suits your restaurant, such as a burger with Guacamole and pepper cheese for a Mexican restaurant.

The menu should be versatile

If you offer a fresh lobster roll, be sure to include lobster in other dishes as well. Otherwise, if you do not sell lobster rolls, the lobster meat will spoil, and throwing Food in the 24 hr Food, Eat24hours, Fast Food Open 24 Hours, 24 Hour Fast kitchen is like throwing away money. Read more about using menu items.

The restaurant menu should have the correct food cost

Expensive ingredients (like the proposed lobster) are expensive. In order to maintain profits and make prices affordable for customers, each item on your menu should be priced to determine the cost of the meal – the actual amount you’ll need to prepare the dish.

This does not mean that the food you order should be the cheapest – quality is the most important consideration when creating menu items – but you must balance high and low food costs for a reasonable profit margin.

The menu items of your restaurant should be easy to prepare

Nothing dulls a restaurant kitchen during the Dinner Rush faster than complex menu items that take a long time to prepare. Menu items should be two things: easy to prepare on the spot (saute, grill, etc.) or just prepare and heat (lasagna, cooked pasta, prime rib).

The restaurant menu should have an easy-to-read format

Hard-to-read writing and too much text make it difficult for customers to read your restaurant menu. Keep your menu design simple and avoid too much cooking language.

The menu should be manageable

Heaven is not your limit when it comes to your menu. Avoid the temptation of offering a huge variety of items or you will inevitably have food at the end of the night.

Also think about what your restaurant kitchen can produce. Are there enough stations to Offer grilled dishes, sauteed dishes, salads, soups, baked goods, etc.

You should know when to update your restaurant menu

This is not mean that you have to rewrite the entire menu or add new dishes. It’s just a good time to make sure prices are where they should be, to rate the menu items, and to evaluate the mermaids that are not being sold.

You should know what to avoid in menu

There is a laundry list of things to avoid in a restaurant menu, such as hard-to-read writing or overly descriptive language.

Remember, your menu is like an ambassador for your restaurant and you want to get your best foot forward. Read about Avoiding in your restaurant menu.

You should know when to offer special menus

Busy holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day often earn a special menu to keep the kitchen out of the weeds all night.

A Prix Fixe menu limits the number of items available at a given time, making it easier for the kitchen to produce a large number of meals in a short time. Although not a holiday, a Prix fixe menu is also a good promotion during slower times.

Special two-for-one menus or a wine tasting menu are great restaurant promotions to keep people in the door even in tough economic times. Read more about restaurant action menus.

Always read menu thoroughly

Have you ever offered “Fresh Muscles” or “Chicken and Broccoli” Before you print your menus (including nocturnal specials), check a second or third set of eyes for typos.

Clebration Of Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day

Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

On the second Sunday of May, it is time again. The florists in the streets and the cities of the city have to procure a large supply of flowers in order to be prepared for the great onslaught of the buyers.

What Is So Special About Mother’s Day?

Of course, it’s Happy Mother’s Day 2018! And all the children of mothers try to pause at least once a year and commemorate their creators, who they are and how they protect the security of the first years of life. I do not know where she is, but she is always there when she is needed. ?

As always in such cases, the beginning as far back in history. The prologue takes place in seventeenth-century England.

On the fourth Sunday of the Easter fast, there were servants and maids, where they visited their parents and brought them breadcrumb cake.

In French Champagne, Walloon in Belgium and Thuringia, there was a similar custom, where, however, the visitors were presented with gifts and richly served. But it did not stay that way.

In the American Civil War of 1861-1865, a certain Ann Jarvis entered the American public sphere by making a name for herself in every effort to care for injured soldiers and provide widowhood.

During this time, she is the Mother’s Day Work Club. Here the term is institutionalized for the first time. The American publicist and women’s rights activist Julia Ward Howe, who was also a determined opponent of the war, took up the idea of Ann Jarvis and demanded it in 1872.

This should be Mother’s Day of Peace be called. However, she could not prevail with her postulate. After the sudden death of Ann Jarvis in 1905, every daughter of the same name was photographed by Julia Ward Howe.

Both shared their respect for the life of Ann Jarvis. Therefore, on the second Sunday of May 1907, both celebrated the anniversary of their mother’s death and named this day Memorial Mother’s Day Meeting.

This celebration was held in honor of all mothers in their home church in Virginia. The press got wind of it and created a positive mood, The Press echo created such a mood in Virginia that it was American state since 1910, the Mother’s Day is celebrated annually.

However, this is not enough for Ann Jarvis Junior, so in 1912 she founded an organization that would extend the popularity of the whole country and the world.

This organization was named Mother’s Day International Association, on her behalf, she wrote letters to American presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, but they were not easily softened. Woodrow Wilson then suddenly declared, perhaps under the impact of the tense World War I, May 8, 1914, the public holiday in the United States.

Here, the desire for peace in politics could have been the father of the thought. Unfortunately, this thought was completely forgotten. A peacemaking requirement became a commercialized holiday.

Ann Jarvis litigated against the festival in 1923. Because of the failure of the festival as a gold donkey and the perceived powerlessness, they should probably have disturbed a festival palpably, which brought them to jail. In 1948 she told a journalist that she regretted having found the Mother’s Day.

In the same year of resistance by Ann Jarvis (1923), Mother’s Day was installed in Germany on the second Sunday of May. He does not reach the status of a holiday until III.

Reich of the National Socialists. In 1933, Mother’s Day becomes a public holiday. Mother’s Day was not celebrated in the GDR. Instead, they installed the International Women’s Day, which was celebrated on March 8th.

All this is history now, and knowing that it is irreversible, we are still enjoying this holiday commemorating the great sacrifice of the mothers of this world. Let us thank them for the affection they deserve and tell the true story of Mother’s Day, which will fulfill the wishes of the founding mothers that day will fill people with peaceful thoughts.

Straight Iron Qualities And Its Functions

hair iron

How To Describe The Straight Iron Functions

Thanks to its titanium plates, this straightening iron heats up curls faster than any other. However, you do not need to worry about overheating the device because the temperature is set by the user.

This is possible thanks to a unique combination of a digital display and a rotary knob. The wide temperature range of 160-230 degrees guarantees that you will find the most comfortable temperature for you.

Since the plates not only heat up quickly but are also spring-loaded, they evenly distribute the pressure. This prevents hair breakage.

The Ionic Technology

The Ionic Technology integrated into the straightener for curls keeps hair moist and silky, even if you choose the highest, fifth temperature level.

Thanks to the 2.5 meters long cable, you are free in the choice of the workplace. The cable joint prevents cable tangles and accidental tripping.

A secure protection against accident also guarantees the placement of all controls on the inside. In addition, the heat protection cap, which you can push on straightening iron immediately after use, is used to immediately remove the straightening iron.

The smoothing plates of this straightener for curls are made of keratin and tourmaline.

What Are Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Keratin releases and strengthens natural ions in your hair. The Tourmaline ensures a particularly smooth glide from the flat iron. In addition, these minerals prevent the formation of the so-called frizz effect.

This effect is caused by the fact that the hair cannot store enough moisture. As a result, they are shaggy and form Krause strands that make the right style impossible.

The device reaches the operating temperature very quickly. Still, you can control the temperature and choose one of the five temperature levels.

Thanks to the extra smooth surface, smoothing even with dense and frizzy hair is easy. But the reverse operation works without problems. Despite all this power, the straightener consumes only 38 watts – cost-effective!

Using the straightener for curls is easy: just connect it to the mains. The device heats up in no time and can smooth your hair as well as the wrap in curls.

The latter is then extremely comfortable for the very long plates and the curls last 4-6 days even without fixation. But even smoothing works fine with the straightener for curls.

The plates drive as smoothly through your hair and leave smooth, silky-feeling strands.

This is achieved not least thanks to the 5-stage temperature control, which prevents the overheating of hair and allows the adjustment of the temperature to your personal needs.

Cats Sleeping Behaviour

The Cutie Kitten Look Innocent While Sleeping

Cats sleep a lot and like – on average around 16 hours and more, the fur noses rest daily. But why do you have such a longing for it? This and even more about the sleeping behavior of our cats can be found in our guide.

Cats are considered nocturnal, but they are dusk-active. In the mornings and evenings, the Tigers are particularly alert, sleeping during the day and at night or dozing most of the time.

However, because they live so close together with us humans, cats often adapt to our rhythm: at night we sleep, in the morning we get up for a short while to feed and play and then we go back to the cat’s basket.

Which Cat Breed Like To Sleep More?

Depending on your character, temperament, age, housing conditions, weather and season, some velvet paws naturally sleep more or less than others. Some cat breeds such as Siamese are said to get by with less sleep, while the British Shorthair (BKH) loves it and sleeps a bit longer.

Two-thirds of the day cats sleep approximately, i.e. between 16 and 18 hours. Cat babies and seniors have an increased need for sleep and of course, most of the baby tigers still have plenty of time to doze and relax.

Cats Sleeping Behavior

However, when sleeping, cats are not in deep sleep all the time. For the most part, the velvet paws remain alert during their periods of rest and light sleep and despite relaxed-looking attitude.

That’s because they are both carnivores and prey animals in the wild and need to be prepared for potential threats or hunting opportunities at all times.

A slight rustle is enough to make them wide awake and concentrated again, to chase after a mouse, or to flee from an attacker to the next tree. If they remain undisturbed during the light sleep phases, they doze off for up to 30 minutes at a time.

The actual deep sleep, also called the paradoxical phase, usually lasts only up to six minutes. At the same time, cats are completely relaxed, perhaps shrugging their shoulders with their paws, ears or tail, and do not react at all to outside sounds.

The occasional involuntary movements indicate that your cat is dreaming. Cats only venture into the deep sleep phase if they feel completely safe.

Which Sleeping Places Do Cats Prefer?

For most velvet paws, the preferred sleeping places change every few weeks. All squares are warm, cuddly and comfortable.

Cartons, caves, or the wardrobe are also very much used as a sleeping place, as well as an elevated place, for example, on the windowsill, the cat tree, cabinet or bookshelf.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

The reason why cats sleep so much is that they spend a lot of energy in their short waking phases. For the hunt, they must be wide awake and highly concentrated, as well as fast, agile and skilled. In addition, they are almost always in the habit of care, which is also very exhausting.

In order to keep their energy at their best, they are always resting when they can save their energy for food and flight from attackers. When non allergic cats are not sleeping or chasing, they will be extensively and neglected.

Watch your cat how much she normally sleeps. If she seems to rest longer and more often than usual, you’d better go to the vet with her. Sick cats are physically weak and therefore need more sleep.