How To Earn Through PTC Sites?

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Make money through clicks

One of the easiest ways to earn extra income from home is making money through clicks. There are several types of providers where you can make money with clicks.

Make Money With Clicks On Paid Mailers

Paid mailers regularly send all their members promotional emails, so-called paid mails. In these Paid mails there is then a confirmation link, you have to click to get the compensation. The link leads to a website of the sponsor, who pays for the Paid mail OR ptc bux maker. This website must then be left open for a few seconds. After the timer has expired, the payment for the paid mail will be credited to the member account at the Paid mailer.

In addition to the ability to earn money with paid mails, many Paid mailer offer even more ways to make money with clicks. Often there are e.g. own Paid banner area in the members area of ​​the Paid mailers. These are small banner ads that lead to a sponsor’s website similar to paid mails. If you stay confused for a few seconds on the sponsored website, you will receive a refund. As a registered member, you can log in to the Paid mailer’s website at any time and make money with clicks.

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Money By Start Page Click

You can call up a paid start page every 10 to 60 minutes and get credit for the start page click. Paid home pages are certainly not among the top earning opportunities, but often have much to offer interesting, such as daily news, games or a community. They make sure that the extra income from home is fun too.

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