How proxy servers work?

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Basic knowledge: How does a proxy server work for anonymization? 

A proxy server (proxy in German: “proxy”) works as an intermediary in a computer network. The proxy server accepts all requests from a client (e.g. a home computer) and forwards them bidirectional to a recipient (e.g. a website).

Receiver retains the true identity of the sender because it has communicates with the proxy server (which then forwards the data to the receiver).

What types of proxy servers are there?

Http proxy

An Http proxy server is used e.g. for anonymous surfing on the Internet. All data is sent from the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) via the proxy server. Almost all modern browsers have the ability to set a proxy server.

It should be Note, however, that only the network requests of the browser via the proxy server run. All other Internet services, such as e-mail, Skype, etc., are not taken into account.

Anonymous Torrent Proxy

With a torrent proxy server, all data transfers can be anonymized within the Bit torrent network. Due to the legal dangers of copyright infringement, anonymous torrent proxy servers are most located in countries where there are no data retention laws (e.g. Sweden, Canada or the Netherlands a good example of a foreign provider specializing in anonymous torrents is to guard.

VPN Server (Virtual Private Network)

Probably the most popular form of proxy server is the VPN server. This not only forwards parts of a network (like the HTTP proxy), but also the entire network itself.

Here, the network is transformed into a tunnel (so-called VPN tunnel), which forwards the entire network communication to the VPN server. This VPN tunnel is encrypted in most cases and thus offers a so-called end-to-end encryption.

Almost all modern operating systems already support the VPN protocol by default (Windows Vista) / 7/8, OSX, Linux) and make it easy for the user to set up a VPN connection. A good example of a VPN anonymization service is IP Vanish,

Speed ​​of proxysite servers

The speed at which the data passes through the proxy server depends on several factors.

  • The own bandwidth (depending on the internet connection)
  • The bandwidth of the proxy server provided to you
  • The number of concurrent users of the proxy server
  • The current time of day (affects the entire network worldwide)

The geographical location of the server today almost exclusively affects the latency, rather than the data transfer speed achieved. Proxy servers that charge no fees are, according to experience, slower than paid premium offers, since often too many users use the same service at the same time.

How do I find the right proxy server?

First of all, you should know for which Internet services you want to use a proxy server. To surf anonymously, an Http proxy might enough.

If you want to completely hide your data traffic, even from your own Internet provider, it is recommended to use a VPN server. Due to the local legal situation, a German provider cannot guarantee you complete anonymity.

We recommend proxy services from countries that have a more liberal legal system, such as Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands or Romania, when looking for the right service. For a list of what we believe to be the best foreign VPN servers, click here.