How does a vacuum cleaner work?

vacuum cleaner

What is the vacuum cleaner functionality?

Usually the editors of Kobold Erlebniswelt are dealing with difficult challenges at home.

Today we ask ourselves a very simple question:

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The heart of this vacuum cleaner says, “round the round thing back and forth, meaning centrifugal engine, small and weighing only 500 grams But that super powerful!

The engine of the Best Buy Vacuum Cleaners is driving a blower, a kind of impeller looks like a song, this blower can turn at incredible speed, thousands of times per minute, creating super-fast return air, so air is being absorbed and all dust and dirt with it.

There’s a mouthpiece on the front of the vacuum cleaners. “It’s getting closer to the air as far as possible, for example on carpets, working on the development of electric vacuum cleaners. He has been working for a large company in Wuppertal for many years.

The vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise. This is mainly due to the blower and because it returns very quickly.

Since we only got a few crumbs. The cracks are really nice when you are really absorbed. The crooks are thrown against the suction pipe, revealing the expert.

The suction pipe leads to the dust bag from the nozzle, the bags are all the sod and the balls. Previously, the bags were still made of paper, made of a special fabric today, and made up of a few cats. The dirt remains inside.

As the dirt stays in the bag, the air continues to spray from the vacuum cleaner.

The tank is drawn by the blower, so it is protected and non-fouling, with a filter in front of it. The sample is still picking up super small particles in the air.

Filters should ensure that the air is removed as cleanly as possible from the electric vacuum. This is especially important for people with allergies.