Clebration Of Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day

Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

On the second Sunday of May, it is time again. The florists in the streets and the cities of the city have to procure a large supply of flowers in order to be prepared for the great onslaught of the buyers.

What Is So Special About Mother’s Day?

Of course, it’s Happy Mother’s Day 2018! And all the children of mothers try to pause at least once a year and commemorate their creators, who they are and how they protect the security of the first years of life. I do not know where she is, but she is always there when she is needed. ?

As always in such cases, the beginning as far back in history. The prologue takes place in seventeenth-century England.

On the fourth Sunday of the Easter fast, there were servants and maids, where they visited their parents and brought them breadcrumb cake.

In French Champagne, Walloon in Belgium and Thuringia, there was a similar custom, where, however, the visitors were presented with gifts and richly served. But it did not stay that way.

In the American Civil War of 1861-1865, a certain Ann Jarvis entered the American public sphere by making a name for herself in every effort to care for injured soldiers and provide widowhood.

During this time, she is the Mother’s Day Work Club. Here the term is institutionalized for the first time. The American publicist and women’s rights activist Julia Ward Howe, who was also a determined opponent of the war, took up the idea of Ann Jarvis and demanded it in 1872.

This should be Mother’s Day of Peace be called. However, she could not prevail with her postulate. After the sudden death of Ann Jarvis in 1905, every daughter of the same name was photographed by Julia Ward Howe.

Both shared their respect for the life of Ann Jarvis. Therefore, on the second Sunday of May 1907, both celebrated the anniversary of their mother’s death and named this day Memorial Mother’s Day Meeting.

This celebration was held in honor of all mothers in their home church in Virginia. The press got wind of it and created a positive mood, The Press echo created such a mood in Virginia that it was American state since 1910, the Mother’s Day is celebrated annually.

However, this is not enough for Ann Jarvis Junior, so in 1912 she founded an organization that would extend the popularity of the whole country and the world.

This organization was named Mother’s Day International Association, on her behalf, she wrote letters to American presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, but they were not easily softened. Woodrow Wilson then suddenly declared, perhaps under the impact of the tense World War I, May 8, 1914, the public holiday in the United States.

Here, the desire for peace in politics could have been the father of the thought. Unfortunately, this thought was completely forgotten. A peacemaking requirement became a commercialized holiday.

Ann Jarvis litigated against the festival in 1923. Because of the failure of the festival as a gold donkey and the perceived powerlessness, they should probably have disturbed a festival palpably, which brought them to jail. In 1948 she told a journalist that she regretted having found the Mother’s Day.

In the same year of resistance by Ann Jarvis (1923), Mother’s Day was installed in Germany on the second Sunday of May. He does not reach the status of a holiday until III.

Reich of the National Socialists. In 1933, Mother’s Day becomes a public holiday. Mother’s Day was not celebrated in the GDR. Instead, they installed the International Women’s Day, which was celebrated on March 8th.

All this is history now, and knowing that it is irreversible, we are still enjoying this holiday commemorating the great sacrifice of the mothers of this world. Let us thank them for the affection they deserve and tell the true story of Mother’s Day, which will fulfill the wishes of the founding mothers that day will fill people with peaceful thoughts.