Top Ten Best Sewing Machines

sewing macines

The Ten Most Important Tips

You want to buy a sewing machine? Good idea, because with a little skill you can do a lot of sewing easily and cheaply. We show you what it takes to buy a sewing machine and introduce ten popular free-arm sewing machines.

General tips for buying a sewing machine

First, you should think about what you need the sewing machine for. If you only want to sew a few pillowcases and curtains, it is not worthwhile to resort to a device in the upper price segment. Beginners should not be dazzled by a huge range of functions. More important than 300 different programs are easy-to-reach basic functions and overall user-friendly operation.

Which sewing machine can it be?

Best sewing machines reviews of sewing machines are available in virtually every price segment. A cheap and suitable for beginner’s model you get already for less than 100 euros. On the other hand, computer-controlled machines make your job easier by allowing you to automatically switch to different sewing programs at the press of a button. In such a device but you have to invest at least 250 euros. Incidentally, overlock sewing machines are only suitable as secondary devices because they do not handle basic stitch types.

Buy sewing machine: The presser foot is crucial

The presser foot decides which fabrics you can process at all. If you also want to work with thick and solid materials such as leather or denim, the presser foot must be able to be raised accordingly. Conversely, a sewing machine should also be able to cope with very thin materials: fine, smooth fabrics such as silk are also not easy to process. Most machines are equipped with a bottom feed only. That is, only the lower fabric layer is pushed on. The upper fabric layer can therefore slip. Beginners should therefore bet on a top transport foot. This presses on the fabric and prevents it from slipping. This is particularly helpful, for example, when sewing plaid or striped patterns, since both layers have to fit together exactly. If the top feed foot is not included with the sewing machine, you should be able to retrofit it at least without any problem. To easily switch between different presser feet, we recommend a machine with quick-fastening system.

The most important stitch types for sewing machines

A solid machine has at least three stitch types: zig-zag, buttonhole and straight stitch. In addition, there should be a lockstitch. With these stitch types you can do basic work. However, most new sewing machines have significantly more stitch types – even in the low price segment. Make sure that the stitch length and width are as infinitely variable as possible.

Buy sewing machine: needle stop up / down

This function allows you to set whether the needle stops above or inside the fabric. If you leave the needle in the fabric, you can turn it much better without it slipping. A good sewing machine should therefore have a programmable needle stop.

Buy sewing machine with automatic thread tension

Especially beginners without the necessary routine should make sure that the sewing machine automatically adjusts the thread tension. However, this function is not suitable for very special processing techniques. Therefore, it should also be possible to manually adjust the thread tension.

Pay attention to ease of use when purchasing a sewing machine

Take a close look at the sewing machine before you buy: Do you understand immediately what the individual symbols mean? Are they printed big enough and easily recognizable? Settings should be made in a few simple steps. All basic functions should also be easily accessible. For computer-controlled machines, it’s best to take a close look at the display as well: is it easy to recognize and easy to read, even in very bright or darker surroundings? An absolute must is also a detailed, clear and easy to understand instructions.

Buy sewing machine with sufficient warranty

For sewing machines, the technology is not progressing very fast. Accordingly, you do not want to buy such a device constantly, but as long as possible have something of it. Well-known manufacturers therefore often provide a multi-year warranty that goes far beyond the statutory warranty. Nevertheless, you should check the warranty conditions before purchasing.