What is Plant Reproduction

Plants can reproduce, When the crabgrass in your lawn sends out feelers that take root, It does this in addition to-(and sometimes instead of) the more  normal sexual reproduction that takes place through the use of seeds (see below).

Bulbs, and rhizomes (underground stems, sometimes called suckers) are other examples The practice of grafting (joining the branch of one plant to the stem of another) is an example of an artificially means of reproduction.


The simplest form of asexual reproduction is practiced by single-celled plants like algae, which reproduce by ordinary cell division. An asexually reproduced plant is genetically identical to the parent plant and is, therefore, a clone. Asexual Proxy Server proceeds more rapidly than sexual but produces a population in which variation occurs only through mutations.
Alternation of generations AR is the most primitive form of sexual reproduction. Plants like ferns and mosses (as well as fungi) use a reproductive technique


pollen grains
sepal ┬áThe stamen is the male organ of the plant. It produces pollen grains, which carry the sperm. The stamen in a flower is a long, fuzzy-Proxy Server stalk sticking up around the center. The “fuzz” is the pollen.