8- Easy Hair Styling

hair styling

Dab your hair dry

If you are struggling with frizz, you should only dab your hair after washing with a towel rather than drying it like crazy. So you spare the hair structure and prevent protruding, brittle hair.

Use bobby pins properly

You can never go wrong with these little helpers? That’s not true. Many women actually use bobby pins the wrong way around! Another tip: spray some hairspray on your bobby pins – so they do not dissolve so fast and give the hairstyle hold.

Distribute hair spray with hands

Even if a large spray can leads to it: It is not always best to simply spray on hairspray. For example, to tame frizz, you should give the product better on the hands to be able to work with the Hair Braids Styles. Even if you spray it on a hairbrush and spread it, you can usually style your mane much better.

Tame protruding hairs with a toothbrush

Sounds a bit strange, but really helps: Apply a little hairspray on a toothbrush and stroke it over the protruding hairs on the temples.

Use hair elastics without metal

Hair elastics without metal not only protect the hair structure, but also have a very different advantage: If you solve the hair back from the ponytail, remains at no annoying crease in the hair.

Apply dry shampoo in the evening

If you know that the next morning you would need a hair wash, but you do not have time for it, spray your hair with dry shampoo before going to bed. So the product spreads overnight in the hair, absorbs the excess fat and leaves no ugly gray haze. The next morning you can also use a little dry shampoo – often the application on the day before but already enough.

Use the correct brush

One mistake many women make during their daily hairstyling routine: They use the wrong brush for their hair type. For example, you should prefer to use a natural bristle brush instead of a classic plastic “paddle brush”.

Distribute mousse with a comb

Mud maker creates a voluminous mane and is therefore much sought after as a styling product. Unfortunately, he sticks his hair quickly, if you only work it in with your fingers. It is best to spread a little product on a large-ripped comb and drive it through your wet hair.