Anxiety Problems

Have you been suffering from anxiety?

Get rid of anxiety and get out of the emotional predicament
“People have no foresight, there must be near worry.”
Everyone will always encounter the time of anxiety, is a normal psychological reaction. Anxiety can be caused by personality, that is, how individuals look at things around, the face of adversity and stress response. But few studies have found that imbalance in brain secretion can lead to emotional illness, anxiety is one.

How to relief from Stress?

It is not to say that there is often a sense of unease, anxiety, anxiety, anxiety and other emotions if lasting, almost every day, and not self-control, there is lingering tendency, and such bad mood has affected daily life , Such as work, social and get along with family, we must wonder whether they are suffering from anxiety disorders, it is recommended to go into the doctor. Otherwise, the occasional anxiety symptoms need not worry too much.

Causes of anxiety

The causes of anxiety disorders can be attributed to genetic, physiological and psychological factors, especially psychological factors. So, the first step in dealing with anxiety or avoiding anxiety is to learn to fight adversity and relief stress. “Stress is a physiological response to a person’s challenge or adversity, perceived to be threatened, and is internal rather than external.

” Appropriate pressure can push the individual forward, but can not manage the pressure but “backlog”. Exercise is good for the body and mind, and regular exercise every day will definitely help decompression. In addition, it is also possible to cultivate personal interest.
As for the face of adversity, I suggest that you use the following three measures:

1) A positive way of thinking.

2) To stop unnecessary tension, try to do something to relax themselves and transfer negative thinking; The spirit to cope with immediate challenges, not self-pity.
To find out if you are anxious or have an anxiety disorder, try asking yourself the following six questions:
1. Is there a habit of inertia anxiety?
2. Try to ask friends around if they are more prone to anxiety than others?
3. Has the anxiety symptoms been sustained for 3-6 months or more?
4. Can they control their own emotions of anxiety?
5. Are lifestyle habits affected by anxiety?
6. Are there any physical symptoms such as heart or angina, gastrointestinal discomfort, headache, tinnitus, fatigue, mental or insomnia and other functional reactions?

Sick medications 

Because of the lack of understanding of the face of stress caused by somatic symptoms of anxiety patients, it is generally easier to deal with; If there is deep rooted solid anxiety tendency, the patient often suffer from pressure overload caused by anxiety disease.

Dr. Huang admitted that these patients more than the disease, but the drugs will definitely help them, especially a new generation of drugs, such as serotonin modulating agent (SSRI) or serotonin and brain adrenergic regulator (SNRI), for individual Brain secretions, Less side effects than traditional drugs.

As long as the instructions by doctors medication, psychiatric drugs side effects are not many and not addictive, patients do not worry.

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