Training Of The Syberian Husky Puppies

syberian husky

Training Age Of The Syberian Husky Puppies

After you purchase the husky puppies, the education begins in puppy age. After acquiring a husky puppy and already at the Husky breeder, the time of socialization and education of the dog begins. The socialization phase begins in the eighth week of life and lasts for about four to six weeks.

During this time, the dog can learn playfully. The danger – he can now as well adopt negative behavior patterns that he will later, if at all, very difficult to give up.

After the separation from the mother and the litter mates, the puppy must first get used to its owner. The first time without his usual environment is a psychological burden for the little dog Dar.

For the new binding to work well, you have to Strive to gain the trust of the puppy. Therefore, in the first time much intuition is needed. One should neither undertake too much nor too little with the puppy, neither overburden nor neglect it.

Walks through the city, the visit to the fair or other stress-promoting activities are now Franzen. Basic rules for the puppy care the puppy must get used to his new home. He needs a certain amount of time to get a taste of his new surroundings and to find his feet in the unfamiliar world.

The first walks with the puppy should take place in the wild: in the woods, on meadows or on dirt roads. Slowly bring the puppy closer busy streets. Already at the age of eight weeks, the young can visit a puppy playgroup and learn there important behavioral basics.

The puppy also get used to strangers, by caressing the puppy and feeding them. The puppy get on the leash. This gives the puppy security and provides him in stress situations Halt. Die increase the burden slowly only after the puppy has become accustomed to his new environment, one may increase the load slowly.

Should he behave anxious, no pats should be used as a reassurance? This How are my puppy housebroken puppies usually have to do their business after eating, drinking or sleeping? From their point of view, the soft living room carpet is ideally suited for this.

Therefore, you should come to the puppy first and go out with it every two hours at the beginning. Once the puppy starts to circle and sniff, you should lift it quickly and carry it outside to where it is allowed to do business. Night becomes the puppy cannot hold out yet.

One possibility is to sleep near the puppy and set an alarm clock to forestall the dog. If the puppy in the beginning but should urinate in the house, so it is wrong to punish him for it.

In general, the dog should be able to associate praise and punishment directly with the plot. If his action has been gone for a while, he would not understand the meaning of the punishment.

Puppies Education:

The 8-week training plan for puppies. Plus puppy dog ​​training from 5th to 12th month Book Puppy Education Purchase recommendation for new puppy owners. A must for every new puppy owner: 8 week training plan for the first few weeks.

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