A Nice Journey From Croydon To Heathrow By Minicab.

A Brief History of Croydon

Croydon is a South London town located in Charring Cross to the south 9.5 miles, it is one of Greater London’s 11 metropolitan centers.

Croydon has historically been part of Surrey County. During Norman’s conquest of England, Croydon had a church and a workshop, with about 365 inhabitants.

During the middle Ages, Croydon was expanded into a market town and became a charcoal and leather manufacturing center and brewery.

Opened in 1803, the Surrey Iron Railway from Croydon to Wands worth was the first carriage railroad in the world and later developed into an important mode of transport that prompted Croydon to become London and beyond Commuter town.

By the beginning of the 20th century, Croydon became an important industrial center, famous for its automobile manufacturing, the metal industry and its airport. Into the middle of the 20th century, these industries are the retail industry and the service sector to replace.

Croydon was merged into Greater London in 1965. Traffic is now diverted to pedestrian streets. Its main railway station, East Croydon Station, is a major hub in the British rail transport system, however there are a lot of croydon taxi running on the streat.

London Heathrow Airport

Often referred to as Heathrow, is the British capital London, a major international airport, and is also British Airways and Virgin Atlantic’s hub the airport, in the Hillingdon area to the west of Greater London.

About 15 miles (24 km) from central London, has two parallel east-west runways and four terminals, one of the busiest airports in the country and in the world. The operating agency is Heathrow Airport Holding Company.

As of 2016, Heathrow Airport’s total passenger traffic ranks the 7th in the world’s airports, but with a large number of cross-boundary flights, it ranks second in the world if only cross-border passenger traffic is calculated. Since 2014 Second only to Dubai International Airport.

Heathrow Airport is also the busiest airport in Europe at the same time, 31.5% more than Paris- Charles de Gaulle Airport and Frankfurt International Airport, yet the number of flights is one-third less than the sum of the two airports.

This reflects the fact that due to the limited number of flights, airlines mostly operate routes to Heathrow Airport using widely-laden wide-body passenger planes such as the Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and Boeing 777.

New Year holiday

The lunar new year is also called the Spring Festival, because it falls on the spring of the lunar calendar. New Year is not fixed on the Gregorian calendar, usually in January or February. Each new year and year of birth have designated twelve animals, namely rats, cattle, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs and pigs.

The annual Lunar New Year is the most important festival for in the world. This heritage or more than a thousand years of traditional festivals, carrying the entrenched Chinese culture. For Chinese children, the New Year is not only a national holiday, but also a new hope for the new year. peoples also download happy new year images, backgrounds and gifs to enjoy it.

In Malaysia, just as in other regions, everyone drastically touted the Lunar New Year before completely cleaning up the house and away from it, meaning that the bad luck has been eliminated. During the New Year, everyone kept their brooms away from the good luck brought about by the new year. People are also busy buying new clothes and ingredients for dinner on New Year’s Eve, making the shopping malls crowded and bustling. Relatives and friends also send each other New Year’s card.

The lunar new year begins on the first day of the first month and ends on the fifteenth day of the first month, which lasted fifteen days. Among them, the first three days of the year are most important. The first lunar month is also the last day of the New Year, called the Lantern Festival. In this all-night night, every household lights lighted lanterns to celebrate. The Lantern Festival celebrates the continuation of the New Year instead of drawing a conclusion for the New Year.

On the night before the Lunar New Year, also known as New Year’s Eve, the family will gather for a reunion dinner. During the New Year, we will invite relatives and friends to visit New Year. Similar customs of this “Family Open Day” are also extended on other ethnic festivals. Communities in various districts also hold large-scale New Year reunions during the New Year, inviting the public to celebrate the festivities together.

“Fishing fish students” is also one of the customs. Raw fish is mainly made of raw fish, which is served with vegetables and fruit of various colors. Everyone is filled with waving chopsticks to raise the fish sauce higher and higher. The also hung up an auspicious couplet at home during the New Year. Lion dance and dragon dance performance is also one of the key. Teens also gather to play poker, while others gamble on it. Elders will be sent to the younger generation “red envelopes”, “red envelopes” usually contain the auspicious figures of money, a symbol of happiness and peace. People will also visit the large pyrotechnics show in Kuala Lumpur: the most populated area in.

Spring Festival food

Eat reunion dinner is one of the most meaningful activities of the lunar new year. On New Year’s Eve, the table will be filled with sumptuous dishes, a family sitting around the table, laughing together reunion dinner. Chinese culture has always been adhering to the “food for the world” this sentence. As a result, you will find the reunion dinner full of all kinds of dishes, including “Sashimi”, fried garlic, rice cakes and more.

Fish raw

Sashimi is a traditional New Year’s food made from various colors of vegetables and fruits, sashimi (usually salmon), peanuts and other sauces. This dish is also known as Chaozhou-style raw fish salad. The common method of eating is to enclose a table with everyone. Together with the chopsticks, the “fish raw” is picked up, and at the same time the mouth shouts “Fishing! Hair!”, “Fishing more,” “Wind and water” and so on. Blessings. Chinese believe that “fish and fish” will be paid a high price and will rise steadily in the coming year.


Vegetables are especially important in traditional festivals because Cantonese pronunciation is “coi3” and homophonic “Choi.” Garlic is one of the most indispensable and most popular dishes for the New Year, due to the “garlic” taken Cantonese homonym “good”, and good “arithmetic” ability is a necessary condition for doing business.

Eight treasure box

Eight treasure box is divided into eight grid, and “8” symbol of wealth. Baba box filled with eight different snacks: kumquat, coconut, longan, red melon seeds, lotus seeds, peanuts and candy. These zero mouth has a different meaning: Kumquat symbol of prosperity, red melon symbol of happiness, coconut pieces of the symbol of reunion, sweet candy symbol of the future sweet and affluent. If you go to New Year, you will see most of the home will be placed treasure box.

Rice cake

The rice cakes are made of glutinous rice flour, brown sugar and oil, so they are sticky. The “cake” and “high” homonym of rice cakes imply that people will step up in their life or business in the coming year. Some people also use white sesame or red dates to steamed rice cakes; jujube cakes imply early (date) day by step (cakes) rise. The sweetness of rice cakes symbolizes prosperity and sweet life. The round shape symbolizes the reunion: the reunion is the theme of the Spring Festival.

What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting service is an important part of cloud computing services, is for all types of Internet users to provide comprehensive service capabilities of the service platform. The platform integrates the three core elements of traditional Internet applications: computing, storage, networking and Internet-based infrastructure services for users.

Cloud hosting services include two core products

Cloud server rental service for SME users and high-end individual users;
and flexible computing platform service for medium- and large-sized internet users.

The cloud host can effectively solve the defects of the traditional physical renting machine and the VPS service that the existing management is difficult and the service extensibility is weak. In the actual application of the cloud host has three aspects of resilience:

  1. Host service configuration and business scale can be configured according to user needs and can be flexibly adjusted.
  2. Users apply for hosting services can be quickly provisioned and deployed to achieve a flexible intra-cluster scalable
  3. Billing flexible, users do not need to pay a deposit, and a variety of payment options for the user to choose.

Each cluster node of a cheap cloud hosting platform is deployed in a backbone computer room of the Internet and can independently provide internet infrastructure services such as computing, storage, online backup, hosting, and bandwidth. The cluster node consists of the following hardware:

Management server: Adopt dual-system hot backup mode to manage all computing servers, shared storage and networks of the entire node, and provide an external API for managing the entire node at the same time. Provided by the management server.
Management service (the management node’s computer server, external management interface), DHCP service (IP that assigns management network segment for network startup of computing server), TFTP service (remote boot image download for network startup of computing server), nbd Service (providing network block device services for computer servers). The management server will also run a data collection program, which periodically collects various performance data and sends it to the central data collection server. Storage server group: The storage server can be ISCSI or a built-in x86 server with large storage capacity. Through a cluster, The file system forms a unified storage pool that provides logical disk storage, unstructured data storage, and consolidated backup services for virtual machines within a node.
Compute server farm: The computer server is a high-configuration quad-core server. The computer server does not need to have an operating system installed but must have network boot capabilities, running a Linux microkernel, cloud computing software, and an agent that communicates with the management server.
Switch: According to different functions and node performance requirements with multiple Layer 3 switches, respectively, responsible for the management network segment, the public network switching network segment, the internal switching network segment, storage network segment.