Training Of The Syberian Husky Puppies

syberian husky

Training Age Of The Syberian Husky Puppies

After you purchase the husky puppies, the education begins in puppy age. After acquiring a husky puppy and already at the Husky breeder, the time of socialization and education of the dog begins. The socialization phase begins in the eighth week of life and lasts for about four to six weeks.

During this time, the dog can learn playfully. The danger – he can now as well adopt negative behavior patterns that he will later, if at all, very difficult to give up.

After the separation from the mother and the litter mates, the puppy must first get used to its owner. The first time without his usual environment is a psychological burden for the little dog Dar.

For the new binding to work well, you have to Strive to gain the trust of the puppy. Therefore, in the first time much intuition is needed. One should neither undertake too much nor too little with the puppy, neither overburden nor neglect it.

Walks through the city, the visit to the fair or other stress-promoting activities are now Franzen. Basic rules for the puppy care the puppy must get used to his new home. He needs a certain amount of time to get a taste of his new surroundings and to find his feet in the unfamiliar world.

The first walks with the puppy should take place in the wild: in the woods, on meadows or on dirt roads. Slowly bring the puppy closer busy streets. Already at the age of eight weeks, the young can visit a puppy playgroup and learn there important behavioral basics.

The puppy also get used to strangers, by caressing the puppy and feeding them. The puppy get on the leash. This gives the puppy security and provides him in stress situations Halt. Die increase the burden slowly only after the puppy has become accustomed to his new environment, one may increase the load slowly.

Should he behave anxious, no pats should be used as a reassurance? This How are my puppy housebroken puppies usually have to do their business after eating, drinking or sleeping? From their point of view, the soft living room carpet is ideally suited for this.

Therefore, you should come to the puppy first and go out with it every two hours at the beginning. Once the puppy starts to circle and sniff, you should lift it quickly and carry it outside to where it is allowed to do business. Night becomes the puppy cannot hold out yet.

One possibility is to sleep near the puppy and set an alarm clock to forestall the dog. If the puppy in the beginning but should urinate in the house, so it is wrong to punish him for it.

In general, the dog should be able to associate praise and punishment directly with the plot. If his action has been gone for a while, he would not understand the meaning of the punishment.

Puppies Education:

The 8-week training plan for puppies. Plus puppy dog ​​training from 5th to 12th month Book Puppy Education Purchase recommendation for new puppy owners. A must for every new puppy owner: 8 week training plan for the first few weeks.

Possible Functions Of A Proxy


Protection Of The Clients

The proxy can be an interface between the private network and the public network. The private network clients access the web server of the public network via the proxy, for example. Since the contacted target system from the public network does not send its response packets directly to the client, but sends them to the proxy, the latter can actively control the connection.

Unwanted remote access to the client (which goes beyond the response packets) is thus prevented or at least made more difficult. Appropriate security measures and their constant control are thus limited to a single or a few proxies, rather than to a large number of clients.

They settle in an upstream bastion network also easier and more reliable realize. In addition, own servers are better protected, which do not need access to the Internet themselves, but are in the same segment as the clients shielded by the proxy. This keeps the internal network protected, even if the proxy site is compromised, giving the IT department additional time to respond appropriately to a possible outside attack.

Protection Of The Server

A proxy server can generally be used to put the actual server in a protected network, making it reachable from the external network only through the proxy. In this way you try to protect the server from attacks. The proxy software is less complex and therefore offers fewer attack points. This solution is used, for example, in online shops: the web server is located together with the proxy on the Internet and accesses the database with customer data behind a firewall.

Bandwidth Control

The proxy assigns different resources to different users and groups based on their workload. The proxy server Squid masters this process, while also helping to protect the server and supporting methods for better availability.

How To Care Of Acne On Chin?

acne on chin

Acne On Chin – How You Get Rid Of Them?

Some girls and women only occasionally suffer from Acne on chin – in others, the pimples have permanently stuck in this facial region.

Pimples on the chin and in the mouth, which do not stop to sprout, can have several causes.

  • Can worsen the complexion:
  • Wrong care products
  • Supporting the chin in the hands
  • Improper expression of pimples
  • Hormones

Especially blemishes on the chin are very often triggered by hormonal fluctuations and here immediate damage control is announced.

We have put together the best care tips for impure skin and hormone pimples on the chin.

Pimples on the chin – what are the causes?

Pimples on the chin arise when sebaceous glands produce too much fat (sebum).

When dead skin cells clog pores, the sebum cannot drain properly and build up in the pore.

In combination with dirt and sweat is then the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and the emergence of pimples laid.

Hormone pimples are triggered by the male hormone “testosterone”. It stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more skin fats.

External causes are also suspected to promote the development of pimples and acne. These include, for example:

  • The use of the wrong cosmetics
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Sugar-rich foods

Also, stress as an influencing factor for the development of pimples should not be underestimated.

Acne on the chin – the typical period pimple sits in the chin region

Hormonal fluctuations in the monthly cycle can also be the cause of skin blemishes during the period.

Here, too, the sebaceous glands in the face are stimulated by shifts in the hormone balance to an increased production of fat and sebum.

Particularly affected is the so-called T-zone, an area in which especially many sebaceous glands are located.

Suddenly there are hormonal pimples on the chin, on the forehead or on the nose.

Unfortunately, many women have the experience that it is precisely the facial area in the chin region as well as in the jaw area that is susceptible to the blooming of hormone prickles before and during the period.

Targeted care of these periodic pimples can prevent the formation of pimples and prevent the spread of impurities to other facial regions.

Quickly get rid of pimples on the chin – these ingredients help

As emergency aid, anti-pimple products with tea tree oil or Manuka oil are used for acne attacks or for persistent pimples on the chin.

Zinc is antiseptic, heals pimples and prevents new ones.

If your chin is full of pimples, special applicators make it possible to apply anti-pimple care with pinpoint accuracy.

Especially if your blemishes are limited to pimples only on the chin, the targeted application is a great advantage.

So you avoid unnecessary drying out of the unaffected areas of the skin and you get rid of pimples quickly.

Functionality Of Domain Removal

domain removal

How Domain Removal And Provider Changes Work Smoothly 

Changing the provider of the Internet access or the web host is a simple matter and usually depends only on the right timing at contract terms. But how does a smooth domain move work? And how do e-mails migrate to the new location without loss?

There are always good reasons to change your hosting provider. For example, if you need a hosting solution that can only be provided by another provider. Or if the offer of the competition is cheaper and / or better. Or if you just dissatisfied with his previous provider.

But what happens when a provider changes with the domains registered there? Is a domain move worthwhile? Is it possible to move with every domain? And above all: How does a domain relocation work anyway?

These seemingly simple questions have already delayed numerous Internet projects by months and years. Here are the following five points that should be considered when moving a domain.

Domains Are More Flexible

The author of this expert contribution for ITespresso, works in the Blog & SEO team of Host Europe GmbH (Image: Host Europe).

Expert contribution for ITespresso, works in the Blog & SEO team of Host Europe GmbH (Image: Host Europe).

Let’s start with the crucial point. A domain is usually registered in connection with a hosting product. Nevertheless, domain and hosting product are not an inseparable entity. Actually, these are two different levels germany web hosting. A domain is technically a nameplate for an IP address. The contents of a hosting product are stored in directories, which can then be assigned to the respective domains via paths.

A domain is much more flexible than you think. It can be registered, managed and also moved independently of the respective hosting product.

When Is A Domain Move Worthwhile?

When changing the hosting provider, of course, immediately raises the question: Should you transfer all his domains to the new provider? The answer is: It depends on how important and valuable each domain you want to move with.

Often, a number of domains have been registered, some of which are used, for example, for marketing and promotional activities. Administratively, it would be useful to move with all domains to the new provider. But that does not have to be. If the domains point to independent websites, they can of course continue to be operated by the old provider. This is true even if you want to set up for these domains only forwardings to content that is hosted at the new provider.

Another group are the so-called “forgotten” domains. A provider change is always a good reason to clean up and terminate unused domains. But before you simply return them, you should check their value and offer interesting domain names, for example, at a domain dealer such as Sedo. Well-established domain names can often be resold for 3- and 4-digit sums.

However, if it is the relevant domain for the business, the answer is clear: it should always be registered with the provider where the content for the website is also hosted. If you change the hosting provider, because you want to change, for example, with his on line store on the shop system of another provider, you should – as soon as the new system is set up and tested – and move the corresponding domain to this provider.

Machine Tool Designed Historical Column Drilling Machine With Transmission Drive

drill machine

Drilling Machine

A drilling machine is a device for drilling, countersinking or rubbing, either as a machine tool or as a powered hand tool. The actual tool is usually a drill, sometimes a reamer or a countersink clamped. The moldings made with the drill are bores. To put the drill in the required rotational movement, the drill has a torque generator, usually an electric motor, and pneumatic drives are common. In the time before industrial single- acting drives have been widely used in industry and craft by transmission drills (belt drive).

Hand Drill

The electric hand drill built by Wilhelm Emil Fein in 1895 was one of the first power tools.

The device is manually held and guided while drilling. In addition to electric and pneumatic hand drills, there are also hand-driven devices such as the drilling winch.

For safe guidance of the drill machine at high torques, an additional handle can often be mounted just in front of the drill chuck for the other hand.

Often, a depth stop can also be mounted to limit the drilling depth. In the case of the machine shown in the top picture, it is possible to change between two gears with a changeover switch in order to drill at low or high speeds.

Many devices also have a step less power controller (often called “speed controller”), with which torque and speed can be influenced.

Impact Drill

A percussion drill has a striking mechanism (usually disengage able), which exerts short-stroke axial impacts on the workpiece to be drilled via the drill head with a high impact rate. Many hand drills are – designed as impact drills – equipped with a switchable, integrated percussive device.

Impact drilling is almost always necessary for drilling in stone, masonry and concrete.

The impact mechanism almost always consists of a ratchet toothing on the drilling spindle. The effectiveness is achieved only by high pressure. Due to the system wear of the teeth occurs. For frequent drilling in concrete a hammer drill is more suitable.

Rechargeable Drill

Cordless drills (see also cordless tool) are cordless hand-held (impact) drills. Their applications are mostly light work in wood, plastic and metal. Most cordless drills have no hammer mechanism, so they are not suitable for drilling in hard rock or concrete.

Rotary Hammer

The hammer drill is a drilling machine that specializes in drilling in stone and concrete as well as for chiseling.

The stroke rate is significantly smaller here than in the impact drill, but the impact energy is much higher.

In contrast to the impact drill, the blows are generated by a pneumatic hammer mechanism, which allows a higher impact energy. At the same time, the necessary holding force by the operator is lower than with a percussion drill of the same drilling capacity.

Bench Drill

Bench Drills are single-spindle vertical drills that are fixed on work tables. The change of the speed is usually either step less or by folding a V-belt possible. Depending on the design, it is possible to additionally attach a rotary table to the column. The feed movement is predominantly manual via a lever.

Is It Dangerous To Ride Hoverboard?


Hover Boards Is A Dangerous Fun On Two Wheels

A two-wheeled board, controlled by weight transfer: The ride on a so-called hover board makes fun of it, but it carries serious dangers for body and home. There have already been recalls in the US.

There is now a list of certified hover boards and a recall campaign of flammable e-boards; we have also updated the firefighting tips.

The two-wheel hover boards are a mixture of Segway without steering column and motorized Wave board. The user stands on two platforms connected by an axle and steers the vehicle by shifting the weight in the desired direction. The board remains balanced by its electronic drive – at least if the driver does not lose his balance.

There are a lot of names for the motorized hoverboard. The most accurate is probably “Self-Balancing Board”, in the US, the boards run as a “mini-Segway” or even “Swagway”. In general, “E-boards” describes the device class very well.

The most widely used name “Hover boards” comes from the movie “Back to the Future” from the 1980s: In the Marty McFly dives on a flying skateboard with his self-lacing Nikes through the area.

Weight Shifting Instead Of Thought Control

As with the Segway, you do not control current hoverboards by thought, but by moving easily in the direction in which you want to go. This works amazingly well: If you think “I want to roll forward”, the weight automatically shifts slightly forward – the stronger the incline, the faster the board rolls. Some boards can reach up to 20 kilometers per hour. If you want to roll to the left, turn the body intuitively to the left and push the foot a bit more on the board – already goes to the e-board also in a left turn.

If the weight shifts run too fast or too hard, the hoverboard shoots forward, back or to the side and the driver lands on the ground. It therefore takes a little practice and – very important – enough space in the first driving tests.

In addition, you should always wear protective clothing in the form of wrist, elbow and knee pads and a helmet. The protective clothing you get online and in the relevant retailers as inline accessories.

The Technology Inside

Capture position sensors in the treads when the driver tilts forward, back or to the side. The sensors transmit the information as a control command to the hub motors under the treads, which in turn drive the two side-mounted wheels: For example, should be driven to the right, the left wheel must turn faster.

In addition, there is a fat battery in each e-board, usually a lithium-ion battery. This is charged via the supplied external power supply. The batteries have already in some cases E-boards and thus whole apartments flare up. More about this in the section “Flammable batteries”.

The electronics for evaluating the sensor data, for correct driving of the wheels and for driving flashing LEDs on the board can be found on a board, which is also mounted under the treads.

Inside an E-Board: two hub motors, a large lithium-ion battery (blue, right) and some electronics with two layer sensors on the wheels.

Inside an E-Board: two hub motors, a large lithium-ion battery (blue, right) and some electronics with two layer sensors on the wheels.

Top Ten Best Sewing Machines

sewing macines

The Ten Most Important Tips

You want to buy a sewing machine? Good idea, because with a little skill you can do a lot of sewing easily and cheaply. We show you what it takes to buy a sewing machine and introduce ten popular free-arm sewing machines.

General tips for buying a sewing machine

First, you should think about what you need the sewing machine for. If you only want to sew a few pillowcases and curtains, it is not worthwhile to resort to a device in the upper price segment. Beginners should not be dazzled by a huge range of functions. More important than 300 different programs are easy-to-reach basic functions and overall user-friendly operation.

Which sewing machine can it be?

Best sewing machines reviews of sewing machines are available in virtually every price segment. A cheap and suitable for beginner’s model you get already for less than 100 euros. On the other hand, computer-controlled machines make your job easier by allowing you to automatically switch to different sewing programs at the press of a button. In such a device but you have to invest at least 250 euros. Incidentally, overlock sewing machines are only suitable as secondary devices because they do not handle basic stitch types.

Buy sewing machine: The presser foot is crucial

The presser foot decides which fabrics you can process at all. If you also want to work with thick and solid materials such as leather or denim, the presser foot must be able to be raised accordingly. Conversely, a sewing machine should also be able to cope with very thin materials: fine, smooth fabrics such as silk are also not easy to process. Most machines are equipped with a bottom feed only. That is, only the lower fabric layer is pushed on. The upper fabric layer can therefore slip. Beginners should therefore bet on a top transport foot. This presses on the fabric and prevents it from slipping. This is particularly helpful, for example, when sewing plaid or striped patterns, since both layers have to fit together exactly. If the top feed foot is not included with the sewing machine, you should be able to retrofit it at least without any problem. To easily switch between different presser feet, we recommend a machine with quick-fastening system.

The most important stitch types for sewing machines

A solid machine has at least three stitch types: zig-zag, buttonhole and straight stitch. In addition, there should be a lockstitch. With these stitch types you can do basic work. However, most new sewing machines have significantly more stitch types – even in the low price segment. Make sure that the stitch length and width are as infinitely variable as possible.

Buy sewing machine: needle stop up / down

This function allows you to set whether the needle stops above or inside the fabric. If you leave the needle in the fabric, you can turn it much better without it slipping. A good sewing machine should therefore have a programmable needle stop.

Buy sewing machine with automatic thread tension

Especially beginners without the necessary routine should make sure that the sewing machine automatically adjusts the thread tension. However, this function is not suitable for very special processing techniques. Therefore, it should also be possible to manually adjust the thread tension.

Pay attention to ease of use when purchasing a sewing machine

Take a close look at the sewing machine before you buy: Do you understand immediately what the individual symbols mean? Are they printed big enough and easily recognizable? Settings should be made in a few simple steps. All basic functions should also be easily accessible. For computer-controlled machines, it’s best to take a close look at the display as well: is it easy to recognize and easy to read, even in very bright or darker surroundings? An absolute must is also a detailed, clear and easy to understand instructions.

Buy sewing machine with sufficient warranty

For sewing machines, the technology is not progressing very fast. Accordingly, you do not want to buy such a device constantly, but as long as possible have something of it. Well-known manufacturers therefore often provide a multi-year warranty that goes far beyond the statutory warranty. Nevertheless, you should check the warranty conditions before purchasing.

How To Celebrate Memorial Day?

memorial day

Remembrance And What Is A Memorial Day?

A memorial day, also known as an anniversary, marks a specific calendar date that has meaning for different people. There are different backgrounds for such a day. So this can take place in memory of a historical event or to a specific person. Remembrance days are generally a reflection and a memory of the past.

Types of memorial days

Which different anniversaries are there?

There are different types of memorial days. They can be committed, for example, nationally and internationally. For example, there is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day to commemorate the victims of National Socialism. The Day of German Unity, on the other hand, was introduced nationally to commemorate German reunification. Anniversaries can return regularly every year. Such days are also called the term Anniversaries.

In addition, there are anniversaries that recur for example at the rate of 50 or 100 years. In addition, a distinction is made between founding days, birth, death and honorary days. World days should remind of current world problems and international issues, such as the World Environment Day. Especially the days of remembrance of the deceased, the Dead Sunday and All Souls are very important in the Christian tradition.

What is this day of remembrance?

The Dead Sunday is a Protestant memorial day and is also referred to as Eternity Sunday. He is the day when the deceased is traditionally remembered. The Dead Sunday takes place every year in November and is celebrated on the last Sunday before the first advent.

Since the middle Ages, the dead are thought, there were numerous regional days of remembrance. Only since the 19th century was a uniform day introduced with the Sunday of the Dead. Today, this day is often used to visit the cemetery. The graves of the deceased are adorned beautifully by placing wreaths and mourning bouquets on them.

What significance does this day have?

All Souls’ Day is a memorial day that comes from the ceremonial of the Catholic Church. This day is dedicated to the memory of deceased parishioners, as well as the evangelical death Sunday. It takes place every year on the 2nd of November. Through prayer, alms, and intercessions, the sufferings of the souls who, according to religious beliefs, have entered purgatory, are made easier. In addition, the day should strengthen the memory of the deceased. The holiday is associated with the day of remembrance of All Saints, which commemorates the saintly people. All Saints Day is celebrated in the Western Catholic Church on November 1, in the Orthodox only on the Sunday after Pentecost.

Where did the day of remembrance come from?

The memorial day of All Souls is due to the Abbot Odile, who came from the French monastery Cluny. Already in the year 998 in Cluny as well as in all imputed monasteries began to commemorate the deceased believers. Devotion should lead to the deceased becoming communion with God. The time in November is based on an old popular belief. The period from 1 to 8 November was therefore considered the time when the poor souls rose from purgatory. In this “soul week,” the souls ascended to earth to recover from the torments of purgatory.

How are the Dead Sunday and All Souls spent?

Commemorative services are held for the joint commemoration. Usually candles for the deceased are lit in the context of these services. The blessing of the graves usually takes place on All Souls’ Day, but this can also be done the day before, as part of the memorial day of All Saints. These grave blessings are a firm custom and were performed as early as the 16th century. The blessing takes place after the service. The relatives praying at the grave are blessed by the priest or a deacon.

How are the graves decorated?

At All Souls and Dead Sunday, the graves of the deceased are traditionally specially prepared. It is customary to lay arrangements and wreaths of sturdy material on the grave. The grave decorations must be able to withstand the weather in November. Grave lights or grave lanterns are often placed on the graves. These lights symbolize the Catholic faith according to the soul of the deceased and should lead them through the realm of the dead. Grave lights are available in many different versions.

The Sparkling Treasures Of Gemstones


What Is A Gem?

Gorgeous green emerald

It is a particularly beautiful and precious gemstone. Gemstones are exceptionally rare or precious minerals that are particularly appreciated for their beauty and durability. Most gems are crystals (like diamond) or aggregates (like malachite) of a mineral. But there are also organic gems (like amber) and even synthetic formations. What we call gems is not primarily bound to a given chemical structure.

What Makes A Gem?

The most important requirement for a gemstone is probably its beauty, which may be due to color, gloss, transparency or refraction. But also hardness and rarity play a role in the classification as gemstone. Facetted and cut gemstones are mostly used as gemstones. The most important gemstones include diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, spinel, aquamarine, opal, topaz, tourmaline and tanzanite. The doctrine of the gemstones is called gemology or gemology.

How To Collect Gems

Collecting gemstones is a fascinating hobby. In the offer of mineralium you find predominantly gemstone minerals in the natural state, i. unprocessed and unpolished as a gem crystal or gemstone stage for collection purposes.

How To Find The Best Microwave Oven?

microwave oven

Range Of Application Of A Microwave

Due to a reduced effect of the microwaves, frozen foods are mild thawed. All microwaves offer a defrost program and you can benefit from this useful feature. A microwave significant speeds up

The Thawing Process

Low wattage prevents cooking, but only thaws and the important nutrients are preserved. Pay attention to the exact manufacturer information in order to promote effective thawing. Heating food they probably most used area of ​​application.

Food is continuously heated. And performance levels, allow a cooking process that is adapted to your needs.

The optional manufacturer’s instructions provide assistance, which program is to be used. Various optional accessories, such as a microwave cover, ensure even better and more even heating of the food.

Not only vegetables, but all food that is heated by steam can be heated with a steam-controlled microwave. Microwaves with a steam cooking Function are relatively expensive, but worth every penny of the investment. Grill function many microwaves have a grill function.

In general, t and microwave grill is actually used only in commercial kitchens or luxury microwaves. Many microwaves are equipped with a turntable and skewer, so that even the crunchiest syringe succeed easily.

Best Microwave Oven with a Microwave Test 2015/2016 – Buying Guide Basically, you should think carefully about which of the microwaves is suitable for you and which application area suits you best.

If you use a microwave occasionally just to heat food quickly, a cheap microwave oven without additional features is simply enough.

The price tip is a wonderful example of a simple and inexpensive product. If you frequently use a microwave and cook for the whole family, a better model is recommended, such as the microwave the winner test.

Price Range Of Best Microwave Oven

The price range upwards are virtually unlimited. In the microwave test, we once took a closer look at the cheap models up to 100 euros.

For less than 100 euros, you still having not to give up the benefits of a grill function. In part, there are even real bargains when the microwave test is considered more closely.

A microwave with hot air function for less than 100 euros, even cheaper it is hardly. As a rule, you are well served with 700 watts for normal applications.

A higher wattage only accelerates the heating process, but serves no other to ensure that you can use your new device for as long as possible, a high-quality build quality is an advantage.

The microwave test gives you all the information you need to make the best decision. A microwave with hot air function for a less than 100 euros, even cheaper it is hardly. Of course you should also make sure that different programs are available.

A defrost is a must for a good microwave. As a rule, you are well served with 700 watts for normal applications. Higher wattage to ensure that you can use your new device for as long as possible, a high-quality build quality is an advantage.